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Brake Service in Palatine, IL

My Brakes Are Grinding,  Squealing, Sticking, Too Tight & Not Acting Right

Brake Service in Palatine, IL

There are over 268 million vehicles registered in the United States. That means there are a lot of potential motorists driving at any time. For everyone's sake, it's a good thing vehicles come with responsive brakes.

The ability to come to a complete stop in bumper-to-bumper traffic and slow down when taking an exit is essential for your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists, as well as pedestrians.

So if you suddenly hear a loud screech when you brake or find it hard to push the brake pedal down, you'll want to have your brakes checked.

I Need a Brake Shop in Palatine

At Advanced Auto Repair, we specialize in brake repair and maintenance. Our qualified technicians provide full brake service for disc and drum brakes, from diagnostics and repair to brake fluid changes.

Our services include:

Schedule today at (847) 776-3566, request an appointment online, or simply driving in during our hours of operation. Our convenient location serves Palatine, IL, Barrington, IL, Hoffman Estates, and surrounding areas.

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When Do I Need Brake Service?

During the life of your vehicle, you should expect to replace the brake pads and rotors at least once. How frequently you'll need brake service depends on how often you drive, where you drive, and the quality of the brake parts installed.

It's recommended you ask a service technician to check your brakes around the same time as a tire rotation - roughly every six months. Understanding the rate of wear for your specific brake system will help you plan ahead for brake pad and rotor replacement.

You know how your vehicle rides and when something isn't performing right. When you notice a change in brake performance, don't hesitate to call (847) 776-3566 to set up a brake service appointment with our team.

If we find a problem with your car brakes, we'll discuss repair options with you. A minor repair now can prevent a major repair, or something worse, in the future.

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